It was a dark, cold, gloomy evening on Thesaurus Land where two shadowy characters wrapped up in woolen blankets sat on comfortable, cushy sofas near the fireplace.

“Awfully cold, isn’t it?’ murmured Words, as he pulled his parka tighter around himself.

“It sure as hell is,” responded Actions, as he fanned the flames, embers and heat making his figure illuminate in the dusky cottage.

It was a bit after midnight and both the twins were exceptionally past their bedtime. They were as old as wisdom itself and as sharp as raw intellect, completely dependent upon each other since the start of mankind. Legend was aware of how they had started and ended wars, how they had brutally changed the passage of time and played at the hands of fate. How they had assassinated and reanimated hope and despair, swirling around the edges of written history. They have been used as ruthless weapons by many and a source of light by other influential beings. They were born as unpredictable beacons of irrefutable value; and yet have reshaped, destroyed and cultivated lands and lives of generations after generations.

“I keep wondering how young earthlings keep using me to break their own kinds’ hearts. How badly am I being misused,” Words remarked, shaking its immortal head in disappointment.

“And I keep wondering how many just use you but forget about me. How they claim to carry out promises but forget to act upon them. How they say or write or express how they will do something and yet.. and yet they don’t. They just breathe in the salvation of you, dear brother, believing that Words alone would suffice their survival. ”

Words sadly nodded, flipping a page of their grandfather Knowledge‘s personal diary.  He felt a terrible, hollow emptiness within that not even his majestic name had the power to express. His twin brother was right.  If people believe in dreams and are driven to make their words a depicted form of reality, they need to act on it. Step by step. Not just hang on to an endless rope of sudden phases of passion that fade out but persistently work on what they aspire to do, to become.  That was the sole reason why both the twins, Words and Actions were born from the same womb. A thread of two beads that directed the sequence of yet to come life-altering events.

– Aniqa Khalid