Do actions speak louder than words? Or is the pen mightier than the sword? In our attempt to create conflict in everything, we have successfully made enemies out of the two things that have together been responsible for some of the most amazing revolutions in history. From Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech, that laid the ground for the protection of minorities, to Patrick Henry’s famous words ‘Give me liberty or give me death’, that started the American revolution. From Iqbal’s Allahabad address to empower small sects, to Hitler’s hate speech to repress and annihilate them, we have always witnessed that it’s words that fuel the fire of actions.

However, today we see actions and words as separate entities, and so we practice them separately. We have divided this world into three blocks, each unaccepting of the other, the dreamers, the speakers, and the doers, and made it into a battle between optimism and reality, forgetting that the two can indeed co-exist. We’ve forgotten that the three blocks, are the parts of one machine; a machine that builds a stable society. And because we’ve forgotten all this, we see chaos around us, and we go about eliminating that chaos with more chaos by adamantly sticking to our naïve ways, and end up creating more of a mess. We need to realize that not everything is an argument and that we need to put dreams back with words, and then act upon them, because it’s always been words that embodied ideas and actions that breathed a soul in them.

TEDxSZABIST aims to reunite these entities with the theme Words to Actions, tuning the spark of an idea into the chain of actions all through the power of words.

– Maham Tariq