Sadia Bashir is an adventurous and fun loving young woman, much like us, but just happens to be the Chief Tea Maker her words not mine of Pakistan’s first Video Game Development Academy. Sadia Bashir has spent the last seven years of her life learning about art and video games, safe to say, she loves this field.

But her life includes more than just gaming and game development, she loves traveling,  hanging out with her friends and doing the craziest, unimaginable things. She is always willing to try new and unfamiliar things (like building up her own Academy!!), to visit new places, go on adventures and take loads of photographs. She also likes to be involved in all types of social activities and is always updated on all the current happenings.


Upon being asked about how she got so interested in gaming and video game development, she replied,

“Curiosity! I used to play games in arcades back in the day; it was the most exciting time of my life. Arcades was where my curiosity started building up, I was curious to know how the games worked and how the character moved or interacted with every push of the button or roll of the joystick. I got my answers years later, when I enrolled in Computer Sciences. At first programming bored me to death but once I started making games with my friends, everything changed.”


Sadia Bashir gives the main credit of her success to one of the professors at her University who got her going and motivated her to pursue her ambitions. She started the academy while she was still working for another game studio. It was difficult, as all entrepreneurial endeavours are, but she eventually took the leap of faith, left her job and started working to build what is now a successfully running organization. The support of her family and friends played a major role in helping her jump hurdles on the dark and gloomy days.


For aspiring game designers and entrepreneurs she says,

“Most of the students and studios in Pakistan are working on mobile games. While the game industry has seen a rapid growth in the past decade, the mobile sector in particular has exploded. What was once a niche area of game development has now spawned entirely new genres, play styles, and market. The competition in mobile games market is very high and I think novice game developers should start putting more effort to find creative ideas and spend more time on game design. Just don’t stop making games, people often get discouraged or disappointed. Your first few games might disappoint you, they may even be crappy games but just keep going until you create you create something truly commendable.”


-Mehreen Qayam