So you’ve come to know about TEDxSZABIST (why else would you be here), congratulations, you’re already half way there! But the question of why you should get excited for it remains unanswered, fret not we’re here to clear all that up!

TEDx is an international speaker conference that is fashioned in a way similar to TED. A platform where ideas are painted on the canvas of the audiences’ brains in vivid, visual sketches of innovations. You can read about it further in our previous blog:

Here are the top reasons why you should attend TEDxSZABIST:

  • The Chance of a Lifetime:

TEDx events are the gems of all events and rarely take place because getting a license from TED is not child’s play. This ensures that the organizing team is on par with the international level and will certainly give you your times worth. It is a unique happening that you absolutely need to experience or spend the rest of your life in regret (okay that is maybe a little dramatic, but you get the picture).

  • Learn Something New:

TEDxSZABIST is determined to showcase new and undiscovered talents; speakers that are exceptional geniuses in their fields of expertise, will discuss original stances in the form of powerful and articulate talks designed to make you view the world from a broader, more analytical perspective. As you leave the TEDxSZABIST venue, there will definitely be some, if not all, speakers’ ideas that will resonate with you.

  • Leave a Changed Person:

You won’t be the same person before and after. Once you are seated at the TEDXSZABIST event, you’ll feel the processing of your brain as new ideas get registered in your mind, structuring your cognitions and adding valued information to your memory which will of course help you in your future. It will help you reevaluate your current ideas and beliefs and put them in a better perspective.

  • Intellectual Therapy for the Mind:

Being surrounded by esteemed and renowned people, having conversations and interactions with people of similar interests and just absorbing in from the intellectually simulating environment will by all means be beneficial for you.

  • An Array of Exciting Activities:

Along with customized gift items, TEDxSZABIST also has a range of enthralling activities that you may engage in and further polish up on your experiences.

It is the motivation that you’ve been searching for. Listening to our diverse range of speakers will be the most unforgettable event you attend and is most certainly going to be the inspiration you needed.
So stop talking about it and just do it! Register now and become part of the TEDxSZABIST Audience!