Zulfiqar Ali Chachar was born and raised in a small village of Sindh known as Aman Chachar. There was not a single school in this village and the young Zulfiqar would have to walk 3 kilometers to the next village just to get his basic education. His family had financial restraints and in order to keep his education going he would have to sell Kulfis in the streets of the village on the hottest of days. Despite the hardships, he finally completed his Intermediate from Government Degree College Mirpur Mathelo and moved to Karachi for further education. Lack of financial resources made it difficult but with the help of a scholarship he was able to pursue his education and graduate from one of the most sought after institutes of the country.

Zulfiqar Ali Chachar is a straightforward man, motivated to work for community welfare. His prime pastime is talking to underprivileged students and getting to know about the issues they face in terms of education. He then does all he can to help them overcome these problems. Doing so helps him connect to the past while simultaneously shaping his present attitude. The stories of these students help him stay motivated to do what he does rather than just opting for the easier option that too many of us are guilty of pursuing.

He believes that had he not struggled for a decent education, he would currently be working at either a pan shop or farming at his village instead of working at the multinational company he is employed at now.

Zulfiqar works with different NGOs supporting education in Pakistan and plans to open a school in his village very soon. But his selflessness has not been able to quench out his thirst for knowledge as he plans to get an MBA degree within a few years.

To our young audience he says,
“Don’t lose hope, keep trying. A day will come very soon when you glow and world will shine.”

-Mehreen Qayam