Hamna Zubair is one of three siblings and lives in Karachi with her mother and two dogs. She is the Culture Editor at dawn.com and has a history of working in journalism in Pakistan. Like any other young person in the city, Hamna Zubair loves spending time with her friends and going out to different cultural activities and events happening around her. But as much as she loves her city, she also likes to get away which is convenient because she loves to travel. She has also spent a couple of years working in New York City.


Upon being asked about life abroad and the differences she experienced, she said,

“It was a great experience going abroad, reason being that the work ethic that I found there was very strong and there were no excuses. That’s also because I started from scratch so I couldn’t make any excuses in my work otherwise I would be, um, fired I guess *giggles* (we feel you Hamna) but what is different from working abroad and in Pakistan is that they are very committed to their jobs. They work longer hours, it’s more strenuous, more stressful, and peoples’ work is their life. Now that’s not necessarily a good thing because you need to have a work-life balance but for a young person it’s important to be in such a position at least once in their lives so they can learn a very strong work ethic where you have strict deadlines and have to sit the extra hours because there’s no other option. But even when I was working abroad, Pakistan never really leaves you, I was born here, raised here, my family lives here, I will always be Pakistani no matter where I go and that is why the marathon I ran in New York was for a charity working for education in my own country.”


Hamna Zubair is a source of inspiration for young aspiring writers and runners alike and to them she says, “Once you start, don’t stop. You have to keep going even if you don’t see results immediately. If you think something you wrote 13 minutes ago was horrible or if you’re running and you get tired after 10 minutes, that’s okay, you have to get up the next morning and do it all over again and only by doing it again and again will you get better.”


-Mehreen Qayam