A good-humored man with a demeanor of solemn dignity that has a flavor of jovial glee, Mansoor Raza is a concerned environmentalist with a degree in electrical engineering. During the start of his engineering career, he developed an everlasting passion for social sciences and got heavily associated with civil society and NGO-sector. He did not just directly convert to being an environmentalist, but rather while he worked as a senior sales engineer in a local organization, a poisonous, negative feeling towards the ethics of corporate sector began taking root in his conscious, creating a nagging persistence of discomfort, which caused him to divert his attention towards the alternative.

Mansoor Raza, along with being an energetic teacher, is deeply fond of Urdu poetry and not only is he devoted to reading and writing short stories but has co-authored three books with renowned Social Scientist Arif Hassan. One productive habit, that preoccupies his mind, is extensive research; thorough inspection and investigation on social issues, authentic stats records, laws and their misuse, reviews on updated reports on the core and pillars of socio-political predicaments as to develop a critical analytical brain to actively respond toward such discussions and have an evolved mindset. For instance, he serves as a research supervisor on Green Line (BRT), Lyari Express Way, etc.

Blessed with comprehensive abilities, he has the appreciated coping skills in terms of disaster management and a fine tune of vast knowledge about organizations & business environment and a firm hold in the field of maintaining internal & external communications.

Upon asking as to what advice he would like to give Pakistanis, he responded:
“Pakistanis are carving their own way out. They’re responding to certain situations, certain mindsets of a society, certain culture of a state and they are doing it their own way. Anyone who chips in and says that he has the best solution to all of their issues, then I suppose, he or she is lying.”

– Aniqa Khalid