Known for working ambitiously in the journey to revive an ancient, valued form of verbal story-telling, Fawad Khan is a talented performer, a storyteller, a thespian who has acquired education from the notable National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA) as a graduate major in directing. He followed in hopes of strengthening theatre and acting as he worked at NAPA as a paid director/actor, which was later dissolved as the institute itself switched to project based hiring.


As he began stepping on the spiral staircase of success, he engaged in television soaps with his very first serial being Shaista Shaista and his latest Teri Meri Jodi along with his upcoming film being Jeewan Hathi –all of his committed projects that he has skillfully worked on. He is also involved in the making of audio books of eminent authors such as Manto’s stories, Ibn-e-Insha’s written works etc.

Fascinated with captivating literature, Fawad’s passion is a burning affection of embracing theatre, its seed bowed in the very attribute of narrating appealing stories.  The very notion breathes air to his lungs, a spellbinding force that never fails to enthrall him.  One of his most precious learning experience was from an esteemed director from England, Gregory Thompson, who exercised his professional skills at directing a Shakespearean play in Urdu, that not only served as a first hand training asset but also a remarkable improvement for young, ambitious Fawad.

For the past two and a half years, Fawad Khan along with Nazrul Hassan are deeply affiliated in resuscitating a priceless form of performing art—dastangoi. Datangoi is the artistic, creative technique of depicting an elaborate form of story-telling in the best verbal way possible. Fawad believes that even though some are naturally gifted, others polish their skills with learning and training and not to mention-practicing. It is a form of narrating epic, romantic, terrific stories to a live audience that at times reflect our heritage and culture. The Dastangoi form he is associated with is that of Amir Hamza.


Having being successfully performed Dastangoi at prestigious universities, Fawad Khan stated receiving outstanding, appreciated responses from the audience,  elaborating that even though the beauty of Dastangoi is still in the early, reviving phase, it has gripped the attention of many listeners, brewing up their curiosity to better taste it to the fullest.

Fawad further delineated that even though we over time have decreased interest in the aspect of poetries, ghazals and tradional treasures, they have yet survived. However, dastangoi suffered immensely and we cannot truly and accurately grasp as how the art itself was performed in the olden, much more culture-rich days. The performer stressed upon his wish that Dastangoi should not only be limited to a few countable people who have mastered the art but rather spread on a larger horizon through intriguing workshops, learning sessions and lectures on its significance.

Upon saying that TED is a powerful platform where bulletproof ideas are shared, Fawad Khan expressed that he himself is excited to be a part of something so preciously important- something that will avail every participant a larger exposure.

– Aniqa Khalid