TEDxSZABIST would not have been possible without the  praise-worthy commitment & ambition of the combined team who made it a ground-breaking reality.  This blog is a paean to all those who tirelessly worked day and night to weave together the first ever TEDx at SZABIST; an idea that was put forth into a powerful action by all the innovative minds dedicated to it.

Curator and Licensee, Anamta R. Ghur deserves all of the credit, had it not been for her persistence and diligence the team would never have come together the way it did. She took her idea and made sure it was executed, double checking every detail to ensure that only quality work was produced.

Co-Curators Bashaar Husain and Amna Ansari were also a significant part of the process to conceive TEDxSZABIST. Putting in hours to not only construct the game plan for the event but also making sure that the execution remains on par with the set standards, Bashaar and Amna worked alongside Anamta every step of the way.

Furthermore Amna Ansari led the audience recruitment, screening all the applications and picking out the deserving ones. She was assisted by Saad Alvi, Kamilla Munaf, Mahnoor Faruqi and Madiha.

Kamilla Munaf, Sarah Shaikh and the external relations team of the SZABIST Student Council helped out by bringing in sponsors for the event.

Kashif Qasim facilitated the curators by handling all aspects of speakers in terms of arranging meetings, interviews, updating them with the details of the event and overall being available to entertain any and all of their queries. His benevolent efforts were a vital part of ensuring a memorable event. He was assisted in this endeavor by Rida Waqar who also aided the team in various other activities.

The people behind the word art of TEDxSZABIST consisted of three students namely, Mehreen F. Qayam, Maham Tariq and Aniqa Khalid, aka the Content Team (Eeh that’s us!). Not to brag but, we designed the outline for speakers’ interviews, developed the Speaker’s Guide, wrote all articles, and structured titles and captions for social media along with assisting in other minor activities. Mehreen Qayam, excelled in her skills, having been diligently punctual, leading & supervising all work along with flawlessly running the official blog.

The aesthetic framework upon which TEDxSZABIST was creatively portrayed was by the ambitious efforts of the Creative Team. Consisting of the imaginative minds; Afreen Mansoor, Burhan Ahmed and Fabaiha Khalid, this department digitally depicted a series of original designs beginning from appealing logos, customized team members’ ID cards & display images for social media, to exclusively designed speakers profiles, invitation cards, brochures, letterheads, shields, backdrops and tribute & media walls, all of which reflected the professional touch of TED.

Furthermore Afreen Mansoor also worked together with Bilal Temuri to develop the official TEDxSZABIST website.

A medium for interaction was created by the Social Media Team to spread information & updates about the event and to deal with respective queries from eager audience and users. Sukaina Hamayoun created the successful Facebook page for TEDxSZABIST, which was then monitored by Sanuber Feroz and Muhammad Hadi dealt with the official Twitter account. Syed Hamail Rizvi played an advisory role, actively participating by creating the social media timeline and giving constructive criticism when required.

The Event Management Team consisted of Zarrish Zia who orchestrated all the engaging activities to be held during break sessions of the event; from the setup of the photo-booth to the preparation of alluring props, Zarrish along with the Muneeb Baig, Hamna Iqbal Baig, and Kulsoom Rahman flawlessly finessed the showcase of the event. Not to mention Hasan Sheikh Meer who impressively fashioned the stage for the speakers’ talks, the very heart of TEDxSZABIST.

The team behind the contacts, accommodation of equipment and providing a co-ordinated direction was the TEDxSZABIST’s Logistics Team constituting of Hassaan Raza Kasbati and Ahmed Jawed who catalyzed the event in all possible ways.

The exquisite talent in capturing the altogether flavour of TEDxSZABIST through lens, was the Photography Department constituting of Altamash Ali Banani who made a collage of all team members in a big picture along with precise shooting and aesthetically directing the official TEDxSZABIST’s trailer

A bit of contribution by students outside of the team is always welcomed and the combined work of Muhmmad Abdullah, Asad Khan, Aurang Khan Achakzai and Marhaba Younis as Volunteers aided TEDxSZABIST in various aspects. Their presence, helping hands and brains catapulted TEDxSZABIST to a higher degree.

All these humans, all these brains, all these souls, gave their all by every mean possible to come this far- to make TEDxSZABIST a possibility for the first time in the history of the institution. Their devotion, hard-work and dedication, doubtless, deserves a standing ovation.