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It was a dark, cold, gloomy evening on Thesaurus Land where two shadowy characters wrapped up in woolen blankets sat on comfortable, cushy sofas near the fireplace.

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The Humans of TEDxSZABIST

TEDxSZABIST would not have been possible without the  praise-worthy commitment & ambition of the combined team who made it a ground-breaking reality.  This blog is a paean to all those who tirelessly worked day and night to weave together the... Continue Reading →

Fawad Khan –The Artistic Dastango in Pursuit of Reviving the Tradition Of Oral Story-telling

Known for working ambitiously in the journey to revive an ancient, valued form of verbal story-telling, Fawad Khan is a talented performer, a storyteller, a thespian who has acquired education from the notable National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA) as... Continue Reading →

Mansoor Raza – The Electrical Engineer Turned Environmentalist

A good-humored man with a demeanor of solemn dignity that has a flavor of jovial glee, Mansoor Raza is a concerned environmentalist with a degree in electrical engineering. During the start of his engineering career, he developed an everlasting passion... Continue Reading →

Jawad Kureishi – The Brainbox Instructer of Robotic Educational Programs

A seasoned professional, trainer and motivational speaker with 16 years’ of experience, Jawad Kureishi is passionate about helping people reach their true potential and become their best selves. With a background in corporate lines, he has done his majors in... Continue Reading →

Hamna Zubair – Writer. Runner. Altruist.

Hamna Zubair is one of three siblings and lives in Karachi with her mother and two dogs. She is the Culture Editor at and has a history of working in journalism in Pakistan. Like any other young person in... Continue Reading →

Zulfiqar Ali Chachar – A Beacon of Hope for Underprivilaged Students

Zulfiqar Ali Chachar was born and raised in a small village of Sindh known as Aman Chachar. There was not a single school in this village and the young Zulfiqar would have to walk 3 kilometers to the next village... Continue Reading →

Why should I attend TEDxSZABIST?

So you've come to know about TEDxSZABIST (why else would you be here), congratulations, you're already half way there! But the question of why you should get excited for it remains unanswered, fret not we're here to clear all that... Continue Reading →

Haya Fatima Iqbal – Filmmaker. Journalist. Quipster.

Haya Fatima Iqbal is down to earth, fun and extremely relatable with a witty sense of humour. In the entire duration of this interview there was barely a moment of dullness because her energetic vibe fills up a room. She... Continue Reading →

Laraib Atta – Pakistan’s youngest Visual Effects Artist

Laraib Atta was born and raised in Lahore but spent most of her childhood in her father’s hometown, Esakhel, a small village in Mianwali district. Most of her family vacations – Ramadan, Eid and even weekends – were spent there.... Continue Reading →

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